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Tube Floats

Tube Floats

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Tubing the Wisconsin River is truly a laid back and relaxing experience. Keep the tube in the current and let nature & gravity do the work! All tubes include back rest & cup holders. 

River tubing is a very popular in Northern Wisconsin and Wildwood Outdoor Adventures offers the best scenario on the river. Our experience has taught us that there are some basics that newcomers should know when planning a tubing trip. 


What to wear

Securely fitting shoes will help you avoid foot injury in the river. Water Shoes and Old tennis shoes are the best. If you do not have any, WOA has them for purchase in their Outfitter shop. Flip flops are not suitable. Remember to bring shoes for on the river and dry shoes for off the river. Most people are most comfortable in bathing suits or shorts and a tee shirt. You will definitely get wet! Remember, that sunburn is unpleasant so be prepared.



Coolers are allowed on the river but no glass or styrofoam containers can be taken on the river. We will rent a tube for your cooler if you want to float it along with you. No littering aloud in the river. Bring garbage bag with our ask for one at the counter. 


Steering your tube

Just sit your bottom in the middle of the tube, lean back and paddle with your hands while kicking your feet.


Take out

Wildwood Outdoor Adventure "take out" - where you get out of the river is marked with flags. It will be on the right side as you float down towards it. Your shuttle driver will be able to provide the details. 



There are no bathrooms on the river so you should make use of Wildwood Outdoor Adventures facilities before getting on the river.


Falling off your tube

You may fall off your tube while in the river. Keeping your life jacket securely fastened at all times is the smartest thing you can do while in the river. Try to get back on your tube as quickly as possible. Be careful about standing up in any river as there may be obstacles that you cannot see.


Getting out of the river

If for any reason, you need to get out of the river before you get to Wildwood Outdoor Adventures take out, it is crucial that you get out on the right side of the river where the road is so that you can start walking back to Wildwood Outdoor Adventures or for a Pick-up (extra charge will apply). Keep in mind that it is a main highway so be careful to stay on the shoulder.


Water critters

Any river is home to all sorts of wild critters. Be aware and give them their space if you do see them. They are wild.


Type of tubes

Our tubes have handles, seats & cup holders in them.



There is parking for your vehicle at Wildwood Outdoor Adventures.  Keys that go in the river with out floats on them are next to impossible to find. If you do not have a float they will be available for purchase at WOA. 



If you must wear glasses of any kind, consider securing them with a retainer of some type. WOA carries retainers at their retail shop for your convenience.


If you lose or damage your tube

If you lose or damage your tube, you will be charged $20.


Most Important!

Have fun, Relax, & Enjoy!!


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Duration: 1.5-3 Hrs


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