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Paddle Board Fishing

Paddle Board Fishing

  • Jun 01 2010

Live Watersports has created a giant leap forward on the progression scale, re-defining the boundary between angler and nature. Fishing from a paddle board puts you completely in control, completely in touch with your surroundings. Though the challenges of paddle board fishing can be great, the rewards are so much greater

Tom Rowland from Saltwater Experience

Tom Rowland from Saltwater Experience


Paddle board fishing requires an angler to consider many elements that otherwise would not factor in to a day of fishing. When planning your paddle board fishing trip, you must consider the limits of your stamina, how far you can paddle round-trip from the ramp. When you rig the night before you must consider the weight of your gear, access to your essentials, and functionality of each piece that you bring. Depending on where you are paddling, the weather you may encounter, the tide, current, or water depth, you will bring specialty items to help you deal with each. When you load up your vehicle in the morning, you must do so in a manner that lets you get the board to and from the water quickly and efficiently. When you do start fishing, you must factor in the direction your board is drifting, how quickly you can go from paddle to rod, how much drag to use when a big fish starts to tow you around, and how to keep a fish from dragging you into the mangroves. These are some of the challenges, all easily surmountable with a little planning and practice.


Austin Dempsey with a great catch off his custom Silver King edition L2Fish paddle board

Austin Dempsey with a great catch off his custom "Silver King" edition L2Fish paddle board


On a paddle board, you have the ability to get much closer to fish, often paddling right over the ones that sneak up on you. Depending on your fin set up, you can get as shallow as a couple inches to chase the skinny fish, and you can handle boat wakes or wind chop with ease thanks to the twin hull design of the L2Fish. The large deck space on the L2Fish makes casting easy in any direction, and the stability allows you to turn around and cast behind you if you must. Throwing a cast net is a breeze from the L2Fish (just remember to spread your legs, bend your knees, and don’t follow the net into the water). The L2Fish and the Utility are also well designed for fly fishing, leaving plenty of deck to manage the fly line, and providing a silent steady platform to get well within casting distance of  any flats or open-water prey. 

Jameson Redding doing some back country fishing off his paddle board

Jameson Redding doing some back country fishing off his paddle board


Fishing from a Live Watersports board is the next level of fishing adventure. The excitement, challenges, and rewards create the ultimate day on the water. The capabilities of the cutting edge designs open all new doors to skinny water fishing, fly fishing, and even open water excursions. Each board can be customized and accessorized to each individual angler, making the boards more functional and efficient than ever before. 

L2 Fish live well

LIVE's L2Fish and L4Expedition can be outfitted with a custom free flow live bait well that fits right on the front or back of the board and allows the water to cycle as you paddle.  






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